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On the outskirts of town, Smithville Woods is a my top destination pick if you are planning to relocate to Southport and are looking for a welcoming neighborhood for any target demographic. It's the kind of place I dreamed about growing up in. While living and raising our kids in Downtown Southport, I've always felt like they had the best of all worlds. Learning to ride their bikes on the sidewalk, playing ball in the street, walking down to the river every day to crab and pick up treasures, the freedom of walking on their own to the candy store, ice cream man, or the library. It was all very Norman Rockwell but it was absolutely real. The town was still full of locals, but kids were scarce except for a hand full that came and went. What I'm getting at is, that in spite of this Kids270 picture-perfect little world we were living in, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY KIDS...all four of them, at some point in time, expressed that they ever-so-badly wanted to live in SMITHVILLE WOODS. Deep down, I've always understood why. From moms out strolling their babies, kids who still play outside all day and explore the wooded trails, to parents and grandparents biking or "golf carting" downtown to have dinner or listen to live music at their favorite watering hole, what's not to love?

Although surrounding development is inching closer, Smithville Woods is still a quiet, safe haven reached by turning right on Robert Ruark Dr. at the stoplight just as you are entering Southport. It is a diverse neighborhood, with homes in a variety of styles and price ranges, starting out in the mid to upper 200s, averaging in the 300s, and topping out with a small number of million dollar homes built onBoat Launch the banks of Dutchman Creek. Dutchman's, for the boater, is a deep water creek even at low tide with full time access the to the Intracoastal Waterway, Southport's waterfront, and the Atlantic beyond.

Smithville Woods is, you could say, Southport's first suburb. Started back over 25 years ago, and laid out on the family-owned land of a local Cape Fear River Pilot, the various streets bear the names of relatives, and other local vernacular. At a time when modern-day developments advertise and target age- specific and socioeconomic-specific buyers, it's important that we have communities like Smithville Woods, welcoming both the young and the young at heart.

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